Leadership means a first round exit

Well, after arguing some months ago, both Dwyane Wade and Dirk Nowitzki (and Mark Cuban) are watching the second round of the NBA Playoffs from home. Or at least not participating in them.

I remember someone comparing blogging to Dirk’s work ethic and effort to step up his game, a move that undoubtedly will lead him to his first NBA regular season MVP trophy, most likely edging out Phoenix Sun Steve Nash. I commented in the aforementioned post that it wasn’t Dirk’s D that stepped up but really his teammates who’d stepped up to help him on defense. And anyone that knows anything about sports knows that while regular season accolades are nice, it’s post season performance that defines champions. So Dirk, you’re right back where you started if not farther behind, being the first team with over 65 wins to lose to an 8 seed — the biggest upset in NBA Playoff history. Well, there’s always blogging.

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