“A week without…” series begins

I’ve decided that after watching the cock waving contest between Ebay and Google that I’m going to conduct an experiment — a re-evaluation of the routine I’ve grown accustomed to over the years, if you will — by not using an online tool or service for a week. My feeling is that psychologically people get stuck in an online rut and acquire new services, bookmarks, RSS feeds, what have you, and never delete them until it’s 5 years later and most of your time is spent visiting broken links.

First up? You guessed it: Yahoo Mail. I’ve bitched blogged about their service being down, and several commenters have made note that it’s spam heaven, so that’ll be numero uno on my list. They did just get rid of storage quotas, but that’s a given nowadays. Give me something more if you want me to stay.

I’ll post a follow up next weekend after one week without it and let you know if it’s permanent history.

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