Random news: Taco Bell and your fake, err, face, I want some trash bags, and 777

Based on today’s news I think some people are going crazy from the heat:

  • Taco Bell and DraftFCB looking for the best non-human to put in its ads – Spike pointed out that advertising is reaching its own tipping point of using fake testimonials in ads, so why not switch to include fake people? Ok, so they’re real, but as a marketer I’m skeptical (shocker!) that this is a good idea. The community section of the site only has a few hundred posts. Plus I’m pretty sure we’ve seen this before (Coke’s recent GTA-like ad, Max Headroom in the 80’s, etc).
  • I want trash bags! – That’s right, a guy in Oregon has prevailed at re-creating the H.M. (that’s “Howlin’ Mad” to you, pal) Murdock scene from the A-Team of flying away in a folding chair with balloons tied to it. Could have been great product placement if a Hefty or Glad sponsored it.
  • Speaking of heat, it was a bit too hot for me so I passed on the day time version of the YouTube 777 meet up this past Saturday. 6’6″ + 90 degrees & humid = no fun. I did, however, crash attend the 777 after party at the Grand Hotel in NY. After meeting several directors, vloggers and folks from video aggregator sites I felt compelled to start vlogging. Their enthusiasm was clearly infectious. I want to thank Jeremy for the invite and Dina from Blip.tv for being a gracious hostess.

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