iPhone early adopters – unite!

So the $200 price drop has several of us early adopters pissed, to say the least. Wired has a great figure showing our “investment” depreciated by about $3 a day since launch.

You can have your say, though. Apple has a section on their site where you can “Share your iPhone story”. Here’s my submission, enjoy:

Thanks to the price drop, I just got screwed by Apple for being an early adopter. When they said Jobs I through they meant Steve, not Screw.

Do I think it’s the best phone out there? Yes. Would I have waited to pick one up had I know the price would’ve dropped by $200? Hell yes.

Update: Apple announced that there’s a $100 rebate for those of us feeling screwed. The $100 must be used on merchandise at their online or offline store.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I told my wife before the release of the iPhone that it would go down in price before Christmas. I didn't expect it so soon or to be so steep a drop, but I KNEW it was coming. As should anyone who follows Apple, Palm, RIM, or any other phone manufacturer. The Razor started at an outrageous price and dropped quickly. The RIM Pearl is already dropping after mere months of availability. It's the price we pay for being early adopters. As for my wife and I, we don't regret our purchase of two iphones, nor do we feel cheated. Apple has already put out two updates to the iPhone and will soon be adding new features. This is unheard of in the phone industry. So forgive Apple for trying to make the iPhone a succes. It's not a personal attack against you!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I grieve the fact the the "Cadillac of cellphones" has been made cheaper all in the name of "technology!"

    iPhone has lost "class."

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