Friday Night Fun with Social Media Taglines

I thought this would be a fun exercise is un-spinning the spin of the various 2.0 properties that’ve popped up over the past few years. It’s pretty simple — Take a web property and assign a tagline based on it’s actual use, not what they came up with.

Here are a few examples to get you going:

  • MySpace: “I need friends.” (alternate is “Check out my rack/pecs!”)
  • Blogger: “Because no one cares.”
  • Flickr: “Stalking you and your new boyfriend/girlfriend/family since 2004!”
  • Digg: “News for the ‘white & nerdy’.”
  • Facebook: “No, Dad, I won’t let you see my profile.”
  • YouTube: “Miss it on TV? Chances are we have it here illegally!”
  • Wikipedia: “Who needs accuracy?”

Of course, this is another installment of the Friday Night Fun series and is supposed to be, well, fun. Enjoy and feel free to add your comments!