The last post of Blog Action Day

“Poorly coordinated” and “may not make a difference”.

No, I’m not talking about my old band (which, subsequently got together for Pete’s wedding this past weekend – congrats Pete and Shannon!). 😛

I’m talking about Blog Action Day, which, for those interested, was today. Everyone is supposed to blog about the environment today and make a difference. Except for me.

I applied to be a part of BAD (better acronym, please?) and never heard back. What’s worse, the open-ended “just say something” call to action, in my opinion, was weak. I’m here blogging about the environment – mainly that I’m glad I take the train in to work and walk a lot more than I did in the D, and I’m pretty confident that I’ve moved closer to being carbon neutral – but I want a call to action. I want to know what I can do to make a difference — and that’s where the BAD campaign falls short.

I understand the goal of this campaign is to raise awareness. And hopefully you, dear reader, are going to look in to ways to help make a difference to improve the environment. Everyone knows going green is the right thing to do – but a good call to action needs to be well coordinated and accessible in order to be successful.

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  1. Jonathan Trenn says:

    Well David, here's what you can do, a call to action, if you would…

    Right now there's a bill before Congress that calls for two pretty cool things.

    One, it calls for the CAFE standard (which means the average miles per gallon a car company's fleet gets) to be raised to 35 mpg by the year 2020. Thirteen years away. It was last raised to 27.5 – way back in 1985. That will make cars that much more efficient, thus reducing pollution and making us less reliant on oil form unstable sources. It will also mean we'll save money on gas.

    The bill also calls for 15% of our electric energy that we produce to be made from renewable sources such as solar and wind. Again, reducing our need for relying on oil.

    OK, I realize that cars are made in your hometown of Detroit, but you asked.

    Take a look at

    You asked!!

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