The last post of Blog Action Day

“Poorly coordinated” and “may not make a difference”.

No, I’m not talking about my old band (which, subsequently got together for Pete’s wedding this past weekend – congrats Pete and Shannon!). 😛

I’m talking about Blog Action Day, which, for those interested, was today. Everyone is supposed to blog about the environment today and make a difference. Except for me.

I applied to be a part of BAD (better acronym, please?) and never heard back. What’s worse, the open-ended “just say something” call to action, in my opinion, was weak. I’m here blogging about the environment – mainly that I’m glad I take the train in to work and walk a lot more than I did in the D, and I’m pretty confident that I’ve moved closer to being carbon neutral – but I want a call to action. I want to know what I can do to make a difference — and that’s where the BAD campaign falls short.

I understand the goal of this campaign is to raise awareness. And hopefully you, dear reader, are going to look in to ways to help make a difference to improve the environment. Everyone knows going green is the right thing to do – but a good call to action needs to be well coordinated and accessible in order to be successful.

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