My first Facebook spam!

Well, that didn’t take long. I was spammed twice today via my Facebook profile by someone named Andrea Rowe, saying that she likes my profile picture (flattery is my weak spot) and wanted to chat. She’s promoting a site through one of the TinyURL-esque sites and let me know that her username is “foxy_hotty”. Here’s her follow up message:

hi there David, how’s it going? i wanted to chat with you, but they don’t have that here, whatever. if you’d like to, you can check out my other profile at my username’s foxy_hotty. we can chat there, just dont mind the bad pics, lol. soooo, ya, see you i hope.

Yes, I edited the SnipURL ending because I refuse to give spammers free promotion or even worse, the click through. For those unaware, sites like SnipURL and TinyURL allow you to send truncated versions of URLs, which is particularly handy when you’re posting URLs to your blog (formatting) or SMS-based tools like Jaiku and Twitter (140 character limit).

Myspace has been plagued with numerous phishing scams, and quite honestly, given the number of users on Facebook, it’s surprising that it’s taken this long for Facebook spam to appear.

Am I super special or has this happened to you?

Update: I’ve created a group on Facebook for those of us who’ve been spammed. Feel free to join the party!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    ~hey there, i don't mean to annoy you, I came across you're profile in the search and you seem cool 😛 I guess I don't have much info in my profile here but you can check out my other page if you'd like to see more, https://******.net/?id=5 (my name over there is saucychicksta). maybe we could chat sometime 😛 hope to check u soon, Desiree Cook~

    I believe I have something similar.
    Remember to leave your permissions and settings to private if you don't want spam 😀

  2. Anonymous says:

    I received a similar private message late december from a Kelly Ward (the actress?) claiming her username's 'saucychiksta' on the social network he/she refers you to. Facebook is prolly a deceptive reference; that's where you were noticed. The profile pic looks to good to be true and the reason why you should follow the link is suspicious; it's the same kind of excuse like in those mails from a bank employee in Nigeria with too much cash on his hands. It's a phising scam to collect personal information to exploit. If I'm right, everyone that follows the link is shown a sign-up form for some dating service. Naturally the object is sex related and (more then) a few complete the form. It's a transparant fraud. The 'person' which tried to scam me still has a profile on msn. It must have been used for thousands of messages and one fellow added 'her' to his network. On his profile he describes himself as an applied-science engineer and network specialist with a clever & quick-witted sense of humor.
    It's so funny, I get the feeling it's a scam as well.

  3. Anonymous says:

    i got the same message too, for a few days now. and it hit me today to google it first (saucychicksta)and end up reading your blog. too much craft in the net..

  4. Anonymous says:

    don't worry bro… a get a mail that foxy_hotty told me the same thing…
    but in live messenger spaces xD
    good luck ppl

  5. Anonymous says:

    hi how is there and me am just fine . as u know life is meaningless without afriend so i would like tobeg u to be afriends .bye

  6. mike says:

    Yup, I got the exact same message from "Shauna", aka "spicebeauty". And no, I didn't click through.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I too got similar spam, here's the content …

    From Wendi Williams in Vancouver:

    how's it goin'? i thought you looked cool, and i try to chat with you, but i can't see how here on facebook. if you want, you should come over to the other site i go to, my username's spicebeauty. so ya, hope to see you.

    I did suspect foul play, googled the URL and here we all are!!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    You are not alone, David.

    Thank you for making this into a blog . Because of this, I'm not clicking that sh!t.

    Buhu, I'm not hot. 😛

  9. Oran says:

    I just got a similar message today! I've got dozens of spam like this on other social networks so I assumed it to be spam too. I looked at her profile and found it suspicious to have just joined two days ago, and have no friends at all. I searched Google and lo and behold, this blog post.

    Subject: hey there, im April

    "hi, i like you pic, you seem alright. maybe we can chat or something. i don't thing you can here, but you can check me out my other profile at*snipped* my username's lil_bun. we can chat there, just dont mind the bad pics, lol. soooo, ya, see you i hope."

    Very similar message, isn't it?

    They even took the effort to create profiles in my hometown network, obviously it's difficult to join my university's network as you need a univ. e-mail account. Really not my type, anyway.

  10. kastle says:

    First spam on my facebook account came from snipurl today.
    "Subject: hey, my name's Meredith

    "hiya, you look pretty cool, we
    should chat sometime or something. im new, i dont really get facebook, but you should check out at the other site i go to, my username's saucychicksta. Soooo, ya, see you i hope."

    I thought it was legit at first but then it hit me when checked out the site. I usually don't fall victim to these because its pretty obvious most of the time when it is spam. Very clever on snipurl's part though and a very effective way to fool unsuspecting users on facebook who doesnt have a huge rep for spam . We should of known soon enough it would happen. Too bad she was kinda hot.

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