John McCain’s Campaign Resorting to Spam

I noticed that a domain name I had purchased was expiring but I hadn’t received any notices from the registrar, so I logged in to my old Yahoo email account. Sure enough, I forgot to switch the account settings with my domain registrar and there were a few notices for my old band‘s domain.

Another batch of emails stood out as well. They were from GOP front runner
John McCain, asking me to “get out and support him” during the Michigan primaries. A few problems with that, John:

  1. I no longer live in Michigan.
  2. I haven’t voted for a Republican Presidential candidate since Bush Sr. ran against Dukakis, and I certainly didn’t have a Yahoo email address back then.
  3. I haven’t ever given you or the GOP my email address.

This is, on every level, spam. There’s a lovely opt-out note at the bottom, saying that I could visit a page if I wanted to remove myself from their list. Hmm… considering I never opted in, how about I just post the fact that you spammed me and tell everyone to not vote for a spammer?

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