CG-Dunk? NBA star Rudy Gay uses YouTube for dunk ideas

Every year I look forward to the NBA All Star weekend Slam Dunk competition. It was dry for a few years, but an infusion of young players with hops have made the past few years pretty exciting. Remember last year when Orlando’s Dwight Howard slapped a sticker on the backboard?

The unpredictability of the contest has taken on a life of its own this year. Memphis Grizzly Rudy Gay solicited YouTubers to submit their ideas, and as of 10 PM tonight there are 233 videos/ideas, 1.9 MM views and 2,256 comments to this video:

Consumer generated dunks — the next generation of the competition. I’m off to watch and will update once it’s over.

Update #1: The final 2 dunks will be voted on by fans via texting. Thankfully Yao Ming isn’t in the contest, otherwise I’d say the ballot boxes would be stuffed. 😉

Update #2: Jason Calacanis posted a pic of the birthday cake dunk on Flickr.

Update #3: Not sure if he even did it, but Rudy Gay didn’t make it to Round 2. Will check YouTube to see if he actually got in one of the CG-Dunks.

Update #4: Howard had to have won it, unless the folks texting completely jack it up.

Final update: Howard was unbelievable, deserved to win and won it. Here’s the now infamous “Superman dunk”:

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