Twitter’s New Home Page Launches Today

Those using third party apps may not have noticed, but Twitter went live with a new home page today:

Twitter home page

Twitter home page

It’s very clear that they aren’t targeting existing users, as evidenced by the lack of any change to the interior pages. You’ll find my take here.

Aesthetically it’s much nicer than the old home page, except for one thing: What the hell are new users to supposed to do? Search? I already have a reliable, scalable search solution – it’s called Google.

By the way notice how they’ve fallen in line with every other search engine by copying the leader:

Google home page

Google home page

One minor addition is the use of trending topics/tags on the home page of Twitter. Not a bad idea so that people unfamiliar with the site can “jump in to” a discussion right away, however the usability of the site once you’re in still sucks. Unthreaded conversations about topics you may care about. Or better yet, a chat room for slow people.

What’s your take?

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