Improving the Social Media RFP

The idea for this post came from Josh Hallett’s “Sorry We Work In Different Industries” blog post. Go read it.

Yesterday¬†an agency posted their RFP criteria for companies looking to hire a social media firm. It’s self serving as all get up, but not a bad start. I’m sure the agency will undoubtedly not let anyone forget that they were the first to post it on their blog, which as we know means a LOT. </sarcasm>

There is one question missing from the RFP, however.

How often does your senior leadership speak at conferences?

I’m not asking this because I think speaking is or isn’t crucial to provide expertise. I have been known to hit the road and/or give presentations too. There’s nothing wrong with spreading knowledge and engaging in discussion with your peers and industry-types. The difference, as Josh rightfully points out, is that when you’re on the road constantly there’s no way you can be servicing your client. In a business that’s based on expertise¬†and relationships (and execution, really), one can’t possibly sustain both when they’re pouring their heart and soul into just one.

So if you see me at a conference or I happen to rush out of the room after speaking, just remember that it’s not out of disrespect — I have client work to do.