Introducing The Shamable Social Media Awards

Donna Summer couldn’t have said it any better: “Enough is enough”. Shamable has watched no-name organizations pop up out of the blue and old media guard try and stay relevant by anointing winners of social media awards. And it’s time to declare “enough”.

The Shamable awards aren’t judged by the social media “elite” or the publications that thrive on agency ad dollars to sustain their rags, but by people actually working in social media. Each category will have an odd number of judges, myself NOT included, from qualifying backgrounds to select winners. Nominations will be open until May 1st. And yes, we will be awarding Shamable trophies to the winners.

Without further adieu, here are the categories:

  • Best in Class – Overall Social Media
  • Best in Class – Consumer Social Media Campaign
  • Best in Class – Non-Profit Social Media
  • Best in Class – Education Social Media
  • Best in Class – B2B Social Media
  • Unsung Social Media Hero
  • Best Client Award
  • Best Social Media Innovation award

The awards, in order, are defined as:

Best in Class Awards will be determined based on overall strategy and measured results.  One winner will be chosen per category and one overall winner will be chosen as the Overall winner.

Unsung Hero is for those who don’t use social media to promote themselves full-time or necessarily see the light of

Best Client is for the in-house social media manager, director, VP or SVP who goes the extra mile. Only agencies are allowed to nominate their client for this award.

Social Media Innovation Award is not just for the tool creators, but for those companies, agencies, individuals and organizations truly innovating in social media. Partnerships with existing properties don’t count as “innovation”, they count as “partnerships”. 😉

The cost to enter is free. We are not going to fleece entrants, because that would be, wait for it – wait for it – a sham.

You can apply by sending along an email to “” with:

1. The category of your submission

2. The title of your submission (ex: “Widget Factory Engages Customers Through Social” <– worst title ever, btw)

3. A description of your program/submission NOT to exceed 300 words. Please do not submit if you do not have metrics and measurement as part of your submission.

4. Any relevant or supporting information (images, PDFs, website URLs, etc)

That’s it! All questions can be directed to the same email address. Good luck!

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