Social Media Consultant Shows Potential of Mobile

We’ve all heard the perils of not following your own advice, but this is pretty ridiculous. Apparently a “social media consultant” in Iowa has been stalking “former female business acquaintances” using social media, but it was his harassment via texting that pushed things over the line and got him arrested. From the Des Moines Register:

A Waukee social media consultant was arrested at a meeting of bloggers Friday morning and charged with third-degree harassment for allegedly sending an improper text message.

Clive police say Michael Sansone, 48, previously had been warned about contacting a Clive woman. Several former associates, who refused to be named publicly, said the message was the latest in a string of harassing gestures by Sansone involving social media and various female business acquaintances.

Yes, it’s a shame that social and mobile allow people to act on negative behaviors like sending obscene texts or stalking via social networks. This isn’t the worst part about the story, folks. The story goes on to disclose that:

[He] refers to himself on that website as a “conversation conductor” and a “social mediatician.” He has been named one of the 100 Smartest People in Social Media by the company Smarter Social Media.

Okay, okay, okay — I know what you’re thinking: Bullshit on the job titles, Dave. Yes, this should send any business running, even our friends in Iowa. I’m also curious as to the credibility of the 100 Smartest People in Social Media list when one of their top 100 doesn’t understand how to practice what he’s preaching, but that’s not even the worst part of this story.

Court records show Sansone lost a house to foreclosure in May 2009. He was sued in small claims court three weeks ago by a Clive townhome association seeking unpaid dues.

I understand that the economy has hit a lot of people below the belt, but wouldn’t one of the 100 Smartest People in Social Media know how to use the tools he’s selling and even more important — monetize it? The lesson you can learn from Mr. Sansone is that crime – and being a social media expert, apparently – doesn’t pay.

Hat tip to Phil Gomes for this scoop.

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