Happy Mother’s Day from the EoT Dads

She doesn’t nearly get the credit she deserves.

She has to fight every day to justify to her working friends and herself why she gave up her career to stay home.

She can prepare meals that make you wonder why she hasn’t opened a restaurant.

She teaches you something new about yourself  almost daily.

She loves you unconditionally, even when you’re had too many onions.

If HR people had any sense they’d ask if you’re a Mom and actually understand that she is a multi-tasker, a financially savvy budgeter, a problem solver, a coordinator and a flawless executor.

She is more beautiful today than she was the day you met.

She is grace under fire.

She has a smile that is contagious and a wit that can make you laugh, even after a really bad day.

She is more than you could’ve hoped for or imagined in a best friend and lover.

She deserves more than one day per year for our gratitude, so be sure you thank her every day that she’s in your life and for everything she does for you and your family.

It goes without saying that today should be all about our Moms. Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Moms in our lives!

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