Social Media Spotlight: Brittany “Barefoot Foodie” Gibbons

We’re at week three of Social Media Spotlight and this week we’re talking to someone brands may not have heard of, but her 131,000 unique visitors last month should get her some attention. And the good folks at Shamable are about to do just that.

Brittany 'Barefoot Foodie' Gibbons

Brittany, we first met at last year’s Type A Mom Conference only after my incredulous, intelligent and social media hired gun wife Audrey Binkowski pointed out your hilarious blog, Barefoot Foodie to me. How long as your blog been around and what’s the back story on it?

The blog has been around for three years and like most lucrative opportunities afforded to English majors, I was an ex-wedding planner, stay at home mom (EWPSAHM if you like acronyms) who was definitely, probably going to finish her book one day. Maybe. And, I remember watching some news show about how authors are turning to blogs and online publishing to get their content out, so I decided to give it a go. I began as a food blogger, and it was a train wreck. I started throwing in honest pieces of myself, and it just took off. I haven’t looked back since. Still going to finish up that book though. Probably.

How has your blog evolved?

It started as an endeavor of writing what I thought people wanted to read, what I thought would be popular. It has morphed into a raw sounding board for my life. My stories. My thoughts. It’s taken on another pregnancy, my sex life, my marriage, motherhood, womanhood, each topic, while often irreverent, has become more honest with each post, as I learn to be more honest with myself. And, of course, it’s funny. It’s always funny.

What brands have you worked with?

Dyson, Hewlett Packard, Staples, Sexis Magazine, Austria Board of Tourism, Barefoot Wine.

Which brand campaign that you worked on was your favorite? Why?

Working with Hewlett Packard, and, specifically, Angela LoSasso, has been a wonderful experience. It’s really set a precedent on which I base my future brand interactions. Finding a company to see the value in what I do, and work along side of me, as opposed to demand from me, has not only been enjoyable, but in the end, more successful. For both of us.

What’s the dream client/brand you’d like to work with?

I am excited to form any partnerships with brands looking to think outside the box and see the value in my work and audience, but a dream client would be partnering up with a women’s magazine or television show. I feel like I have a really unique voice, and a knack for relating to women on a very honest level, that’s both refreshing and entertaining. (I can’t believe I just referred to myself as refreshing.)

Admittedly your blog’s content isn’t G rated. I’ve been a long believer that brands need to work with bloggers that provide compelling content, even if it pushes their creative boundaries. Anything to add here or just a smile and a wink?

Of course. It is admittedly harder for me to find a brand willing to look past a few questionable words to see my reach and scope of influence. But, what a disservice to the brand, because the edge and voice I bring to the table could really bring about an exciting and successful campaign that would play well with my fiercely loyal and ever growing readership. I know of other blogs, blogs that produce amazing content and have huge readerships, standing right where I am, wondering how much we would have to compromise to get some attention, and the answer should be none. Nobody does honesty and relatability like us. We’re patient folk, we’ll just keep waiting around until everyone else finally figures that out. *smile* *wink*

I hear you and know it’ll change. The notion that bloggers should be June Cleaver in order to get endorsements means there’s a disconnect from reality and as you mentioned, good content and loyal readers. Speaking of readers, which blogs do you read?

There is no way I am not going to forget something important here, but I love Shauna Glenn, The Spohrs are Multiplying, The Bloggess, Hyperbole and a Half, 1000 Tiny Things I Hate, and of course, Aiming Low.

Blogger conferences for brands to attend: Yay or nay?

This really depends on what your goal is. If you go into it wanting to mass market your brand, and hope that you’ve thrown enough darts around that, at the end of the day, you’ll hit a bullseye, then the larger conferences are the place to be. And, there isn’t anything wrong with that. More people, more eyes on your brand, but just based on the sheer volume of attendees, it would be very difficult to make anything more than various superficial connections. The smaller conferences are great if you want more one on one time with a smaller, more niched group of bloggers. So should brand attend? Yes. But, it’s my personal preference to connect with a brand on a level beyond what they hand me in a reusable grocery bag.

Thanks, Brittany!

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