Tell Your Clients & Brands: Facebook Ends Promotions Extortion!

All Facebook is reporting that Facebook sales reps are contacting people letting them know that promotions are no longer required to garner explicit approval from Facebook AND that there is no longer a minimum ad spend to accompany said promotions. This is hugely welcome news for brands that want to reward their fans but don’t want to pony up the $10k ad buy to support giving away, say, a $50 sweater once per week. Official language from Facebook below.

We have some exciting updates regarding the administration of Promotions, Sweepstakes and Contests on Facebook that will help to streamline the process and make your lives a bit easier:

  • We no longer require prior written Facebook approval to administer a promotion on Facebook.
  • We no longer require a minimum media spend investment to support the promotion.

This means that you are not required to have a media campaign on Facebook to run a promotion, nor do you need to ask for approval on the contest T&Cs from the Facebook team. Please note that all promotions are still subject to our Promotion Guidelines ( and Facebook Platform Policies (, and that brands are responsible for ensuring that all contests fall within those guidelines.

Such a welcome change means that Facebook is going to be truly casting a wider brand net, which undoubtedly will include local and small businesses who can now enter the sweepstakes foray.

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