Sorry, But I’m Not Enamored With The New Starbucks Logo

13 thoughts on “Sorry, But I’m Not Enamored With The New Starbucks Logo

  1. Doin Wild Lines « Doin Work says:

    […] keep me motivated on making all these picks. Plus, it’s much more fun than caring about the Starbucks logo changing. Hopefully next year I can take By down!! Also, this week we were joined by Ryan Meehan from First […]

  2. AG Levy says:

    Also, and Dave you refer to it in a response to Jim, Nike, Target, FedEX, and the golden arches are simple bold shapes with primary colors (maybe a little off primary, but not much). They are easy to identify with and the brain automatically triggers the brand. The new Starbucks logo has many squigly lines and is not easily identifiable if someone was drinking a cup on Main St. in Elk City, OKlahoma.

  3. AG Levy says:

    You know when you watch a late night show and the guest is wraing a sport jacket with stripes and it does a number on the camera (tv image)? That's what the logo feels like when you look long enough.

  4. dbinkowski says:

    I got a response on Facebook from a friend at Starbucks, her comment is that it signifies the new direction of the company. Diversification is good for some businesses but in most instances where the logo matters (fashion being one) I can't see this working because it's a complex design. Nike, Apple, FedEx, etc all have simple logos, this one remonds me of Timberland, which by the way uses the word underneath. I bet they bring back words into the logo at some point.

  5. Ann says:

    I agree, I feel that while most Starbucks fans will know the mermaid, I don't like the removal of the brand name. Nor do I like that the black is gone from the logo. It looks bland and washed out to me. If they felt they needed a re-design/refresh, they should have taken more time with it and been a little more creative.

  6. Vinny O'Hare says:

    I don't get it, for a brand to take their name off their logo is a mistake 99% of the time. What does an Irish statue of Liberty figure with clam hands pointing to her crown have to do with selling coffee.

    What Starbucks is losing is their built in advertising when you see someone with a cup in their hands. If they don't think it is needed thats a big mistake.

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