Sorry, But I’m Not Enamored With The New Starbucks Logo

I was just reading Chris Abraham’s take on the new Starbucks logo and I have to completely disagree: I don’t like it. Here’s why:

The new logo dropped the circle and name that was around the logo, which has been in existence since the 70’s. Ok, fine, we all need to evolve, like those bell bottom pants. Oh, wait. (Similarly, I still use both products, but I digress…)

Well, aside from that, most logos need to have an identity that goes along with it. Target has the bull’s eye. It means hitting the target, e.g. the right product with the right style at the right price. Pretty easy to follow.

FedEx has their thing. Each color represents a different method of transportation, but the hidden arrow means it’s all moving forward. I get it.

But Starbucks dropping the name in favor of a mermaid? I would figure the logo is some asshat ordering his half-caf, skinny, soy chai latte — but that’s just wrong. If you look close you’ll see a mermaid as their old/new logo instead, and that’s it.

I don’t really think of mermaids, the water, Seattle, the Pacific northwest in general, or anything else when “Starbucks” comes to mind. Maybe it’s just me, but it’s a complete stretch. FedEx changed their logo and plane color because white planes are cheaper to paint and the new logo has a hidden arrow to signify “forward”. Am I missing something with the Starbucks decision?

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