Companies Should Avoid “Socialteering”

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, I’ve seen brands doing Like or retweeting promotions whereby they’ll donate money to the Red Cross et al for each action followers and fans take.

Don’t. Please, don’t.

I’m calling this distasteful phenomenon “socialteering”.

Damaging your brand by trying to capitalize on a tragedy is tasteless. Just donate the damn money and tell your fans that you did. You’ll gain respect, or at least not lose it, for doing the right thing and not acting like complete marketing douchebag.

Updated at 8:44 PM: Chrysler’s RAM Trucks brand posted this on Facebook and it’s the perfect example of HOW TO GIVE — not by forcing people into gimmicky Pinning, RTs or Likes. Do the right thing and your customers will remember why they buy and talk about you!

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