Too Soon? Facebook Already Changing GraphSearch Bar

Recently Facebook took the search world by storm launched GraphSearch, their supposed answer to Google’s search dominance. You know, your friends know better than a collection of experts on a topic, right?

 Facebook’s GraphSearch has been, in a word, abysmal. The results are irrelevant or non-existent and, even worse, they can’t find basic Facebook-specific content which forces you to Google it and then click back to find Facebook content.

 But, GraphSearch launched not too long ago — so why the change? Even with its poor performance, it must have turned people off — or worse, they’re flat out not using it. Today Facebook changed the search box to be a more prominent white instead of the blue bar that used to sit at the top of your browser. See for yourself here:


 Will it pay off? Does it matter? Honestly it doesn’t. Facebook won’t win in search, and GraphSearch will eventually land in a long list of me-too products that the company felt okay throwing in to the scrap heap.

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