When Will The Media Wake Up?


It’s been a while. I have a lot to share but am going to do this in a measured way so I don’t end up writing posts until 3 AM to catch everyone up.

I use Twitter most often compared to other social networks. I watch mostly sports and NBA Twitter is fairly entertaining. As have been politics.

In case you missed it, Jack Burkman, a scumbag GOP lobbyist, and a 20 year old named Jacob Wohl proclaimed they were going to bring forward a woman who was sexually assaulted by Robert Mueller in order to make the decorated, accomplished and ethical Special Prosecutor look bad and maybe resign.

The premise of this was perpetuated by Jacob, who moonlights as a fake CEO of a fake company filled with photos actors and models and fake LinkedIn profiles who work for his “company”.  The photo he produced as the accuser was a grayed out picture of his girlfriend as the accuser. It was one of the lowest, saddest moments in US political history, to be honest, and yet this kid keeps going at it. Politically and from an integrated standpoint it’s something that has to be one of the stupidest, easily proven false things I’ve ever seen. And yet there are people who believe it’s real.

At any rate, you can fact check all of this stuff. The beauty of the internet is that there’s always a breadcrumb trail back to the idiocy. Most people don’t bother researching so things “feel” right, good and bad, and they run with it. It’s an easy trap to fall into.

This is where the media comes in. Why are they so easily duped to air stories that aren’t based on reality or integrity, but fake numbers?

For example: You can easily dissect and disregard trending topics on Twitter right now. This website was set up to determine which topics were being pushed by (usually) Russian bots. Notice a trend? And yet Twitter does nothing to block these IPs. In fact their entire relevance depends on allowing people to be shitty to one another.

Yet, even with access to this information and data, the media follows social media sites, their monitors/curators, algorithms and people who can’t take a half a second to do some research will, like a lap dog without any regard for consequence, share some bullshit. I’ve said this for years regarding Facebook’s growth, and have questioned Twitters for years — how real are these numbers? The reality? They’re not. And they can do something about it but they don’t because advertisers keep pumping money into it and the mainstream media keeps sourcing this shit like it’s factual.


The level of disinformation that is on the internet is reaching absurd levels and tech leaders need to do something about it ASAP. People are leaving Facebook, and it’s only a matter of time before the other social networks see a similar fate.

Welcome back!

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