Business Ethics Matter

e’ve all seen the news about Facebook recently and how they enable businesses willing to spend money with them, including foreign governments and sleaze bag firms like Cambridge Analytica, err, Emerdata, will do anything to make money. Same goes for Amazon. Ethics and “do whatever it takes to win” seem to be the one thing most of today’s big companies have figured out, even if it means duping customers, tricking voters and now it seems open murder of journalists by governments.

As a business owner? Yeah, I’ve been screwed plenty; being a business owner has been quite the rollercoaster on that front to say the least.

So, to say that business ethics are severely lacking today is an understatement. It’s why when I saw this email I teared up. Not because I don’t know that I always do things the right way, but because when do you it daily you forget that is HOW you are supposed to do business.

I must say you are one of the fairest and most decent people I ever had the chance to work with. Thank you so much for that.

Matter of fact, if you ever need a work reference for any business you are pitching, let me know.  Cause I’ll do what it takes for you to get hired. I believe you are that fair a person. I should have stated that long ago but I thought it went without saying.

 But I want you to know. It’s just not in your DNA to screw anyone, but I see it all the time.  Thank you.

You don’t have to say it, but in a world where awful seems to outweigh good, I’m glad people still people do. Thank you.

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