Social Media Is Going Private, And It’s Probably Not Going To Be Much Better

I’m sure you’ve seen Zuck’s F8 announcement that Facebook is going to be pushing for more privacy-focused social platform. I mean they completed ruined public social media, so why not kill private too amirite?

I don’t have hope that this is going to go well. The acquisition of WhatsApp shows Zuck understood that private messaging was already globally popular and more and more folks are leaving Facebook, unfriending people (See: Zuck Creates Cesspool) and taking their Insta private.

Why don’t I have faith that Facebook will make a better platform? First off, they have been a horrible in terms of corporate responsibility. Remember, when you are the product the only goal is to get you to use it more so they can serve up ads.

Speaking of ads: Facebook ads have been garbage for quite some time now. Insta is getting that way as well. How do I know? Look at this list of things IG thinks I like:

Financial technology
T. Harv Eker
Robert Kiyosaki
Stanley Cup
Nail art
Search engine optimization
Artificial nails
Startup company
Oprah Winfrey
Easter egg (media)
Daymond John
Showtime Championship Boxing

No. None of it. And the list only gets worse as it goes on:

Nail (anatomy)
Spring break
International Ice Hockey FederationS
tanley Cup playoffs
Washington, D.C.
Nail salon
Popular culture
Pottery Barn

This couldn’t be more off. Which also explains why my Search/recommended posts are things have nothing to do with things I like either. And, remember — IG is their hot moneymaker right now in terms of ad revenue.

Facebook will be botching this next step, like they have everything else, and then lying about their mistakes, numbers, relationships and seriousness about giving two shit about their users. And until people break their social media addiction, there’s no reason for them to stop wasting ad dollars, lie to investors and purchase the next big tech thing to stay relevant.

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