The David Binkowski Podcast is on YouTube

That’s right – Like Gen Z, I’ve decided to chase the dream of becoming a YouTuber 😆. Every day for the next month I’ll be uploading every already-recorded episode of The David Binkowski Podcast to a playlist on my YouTube channel that you can subscribe to if you prefer to watch over there and will post the rest there moving forward.

Remember, you can also subscribe to the audio-only version on all of your favorite platforms.

Finally, I’ve decided that rather than delete it and lose 12,000+ potential listeners, my Twitter account will solely be used for posting links when the podcast goes live including links to the YouTube videos with the replies turned off. The podcast’s “side account” (@tdbpofficial) is now dormant.

If you’d like to comment or share feedback you can do it on this blog or in the YouTube comments which will be moderated.

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