Christopher Bouzy’s Spoutible Officially Launches

BotSentinel Founder Christopher Bouzy, who appeared on Episode 23 to discuss Inauthentic Social Media on my podcast, officially launched Spoutible yesterday. His Twitter competitor has an anti-harassment and hate policy and allows users to fully control their experience including checking other users ratings for their toxicity score based on BotSentinel’s technology. This unique allows users to automatically block or hide users whose BotSentinel score reaches a certain threshold, determined by the user.

I’ve been eagerly anticipating this launch ever since leaving Twitter and apparently a lot of other people have been as well: The site had 10,000 account signups from the 150,000 pre-launch sign up list in 8 minutes and additional servers had to be added to handle so much traffic.

Spoutible's first day sign ups
Spoutible’s first day sign ups had the servers working overtime. Source: Christopher Bouzy’s Spout.

Their servers are performing much better now and I’m excited to see it grow. Right now the site is only accessible to people who’ve pre-registered and it’s still wonky at times but it’s day two. I have no doubt they’re working vigorously to bring this product to market for the public. It looks like Twitter, it behaves like Twitter, and hopefully Chris can get quick import of the Twitter set up before the 9th when Elon announced the API is no longer free. ┬áThe only disappointment is that when there is an error the 404 message is not a whale. Huge miss.

That said, even with posts, err, Spouts, vanishing after hitting send or media not being able to be uploaded, I have four new notifications to read  based off of one post just a short while ago.

Spoutible's UX/UI looks like Twitter.
Spoutible’s UX/UI looks like Twitter.

If you’re interested in following me there once it’s public my name is @dbinkowski. And if you’d like to listen to Christopher and I discuss social media I’ve embedded the full podcast episode below.

** Update 2/6/2023: Christopher made the decision to delay public launch until this Thursday, February 9th, to increase stability and fix bugs that were spotted during beta. **

Full episode with Christopher Bouzy here:

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